By Brian Hefty

Ag-PhD-Insider-Green-Logo-544x180Beginning next month, we are replacing the Ag PhD newsletter with the Ag PhD Insider magazine. The magazine will publish every other month, so 6 times per year. We want to thank you for reading the newsletter all the years we have sent it out, and we hope you will subscribe to the magazine.

What you will find in the Ag PhD Insider magazine is more – more articles, more pictures, more guests, and more information to help your farming operation. You will see articles from yield champions and others who have great ideas on how to improve both bushels and profits. We’ll have a regular section on “The Weed of the Week”, as well as the “Ag PhD Mailbag”. We’ll give you talking points when you are speaking about ag to non-farmers, and you’ll hear from the new Shark Farmer Radio host, Rob Sharkey. The Shark Farmer Radio Show will air immediately after Ag PhD Radio on SiriusXM 147 each weekday, with repeats each night.

Please tune in to Rural America Live on RFD-TV on Monday, June 11 at 7 pm Central, as Darren, Rob Sharkey, and I will be talking about the Ag PhD Insider magazine, the Shark Farmer Radio Show, the Ag PhD Field Day, and answering your agronomic questions.

For more details on the magazine, Rural America Live, the Field Day, or anything we do at Ag PhD, please check out the rest of the content here on Thank you again for reading this final edition of the newsletter, and we hope you subscribe today to the new Ag PhD Insider magazine!

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