From Grain PhD –

1.  Visit and register.

The team of professionals behind Grain PhD has developed a comprehensive website that is designed to be an educational product, as well as a tool to receive market information.  The objective of is to aid you in becoming more comfortable with the products that are available and to improve the risk management aspect of your operation.  By visiting and signing up you will have unlimited access to all of this information and will be well on your way to improving your Risk Management Program.

2.   Speak to a Risk Management Specialist for a free consultation.

Every operation has its own unique challenges when it comes to risk management.  As you move through this process it is important that you are comfortable with how these products can work within your operation.  Included in is a team of Ag Risk Specialists that can provide a no obligation consultation for your operation.  Their many years of working with producers like you can assist in expanding your Risk Management.

3.   Input data into our GrainBridge software to better understand your cost structure in an effort to realize your profit objective.

An important component of any marketing plan is organization.  The GrainBridge software is an exceptional product that can aid you in controlling costs of production, as well as helping to identify profit objectives for use in a marketing plan.  This product is included in  Once you have entered data for your operation you will have an important time-saving tool for when you need to make adjustments, or to have a snapshot view of the status of all the hedge products you are utilizing.

4.  Create a customized Risk Management Plan.

Having an effective Risk Management Plan is not only about helping to meet your pricing objectives, but also about efficiently managing your time within your overall operation, while keeping your emotions in check.  Via consultations with our Risk Management Specialists, you can develop a customized marketing plan in which bushels can be priced based on price targets and/or time that can remove the emotion of watching the markets on a daily basis.  A regular review of any plan is essential as market factors change.

5.  Reap the rewards of better grain marketing.

Risk Management is one of the most important aspects of any operation, yet in many cases it is where the least time is spent. has all of the components for you to initiate a marketing plan, or expand your current marketing plan.  We invite you to explore to discover how it can help you improve the Risk Management aspects of your operation.

Have a Safe and Successful Harvest!